Cook II, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Bethesda, MD


The cook must have the ability to multitask, prepare many items simultaneously and able to meet quality and time requirements. Must be able to follow oral and written instructions e.g. cook’s worksheet, menus and schedules and maintain courteous and respectful relationships in the workplace as customer service is paramount to the position.


– Must be a high School graduate and have at least three years of food service industry experience within past 5 years.
– Must have at least one year of culinary experience, working as a cook.


Must be a US Citizen
– Work safely, e.g., use knife properly to avoid cuts;
– Be alert to open jets or escaping gas when grilling.
– Ability to do simple arithmetic (e.g. multiplies ingredients in a recipe); decide how many servings a container will hold.
– Knowledge of food service operating, breaking down and cleaning all types of food service equipment, including electrical food chopper, slicers, shredders, grinders, and mixers.
– Knowledge to prepare a full range of recipes and to be able to adjust recipes in accordance with number of servings needed.
РKnowledge of the characteristics of various foods prepared, e.g. color, taste, consistency, volume, and cooking time, be able to decide when the foods cooked at this level is done without      overcooking and season accordingly.
– Knowledge of basic nutrition, with the ability to interpret recipes.
– Must, stand, walk, and lift items weighing up to 75 pounds. Ability to push food carts to refrigerator or walk in freezer.
– Work is performed in potentially noisy, air conditioned, humid areas.
– Subject to getting wet while using pressure washing equipment.
– Subject to standing for long periods of time and to slipping or falling on wet floors.


– Perform tasks incidental and/or preparatory to that of higher-grade cook in the preparation and serving of food to support room service or in large quantities to support the dining facility and catered events. Work is performed under on the job training conditions with immediate and continuous supervision and detailed explanation of assignments, procedures, and techniques being given routinely.
– Use a full range of quantity cooking procedures from computerized recipes specifically instructed and according to demonstrated cook techniques.
– Prepare high quality foods to order in a professional manner; food items will be prepared professionally and served attractively to include an appropriate garnish.
– Immediately respond to room service orders as they are received; prepare and place items attractively within ten minutes of receiving order.
– Perform simplified tasks concerned with the preparation and cooking/reheating of fresh, frozen and canned fruits and vegetables, cereals, eggs, soups, meat and meat products, gravies, sauces, fish, poultry, potatoes or starch substitutes, and puddings, purees fruits and vegetables and grinds meat; makes a variety of fruits, vegetable and gelatin salads and salad dressings; makes fruit punch, and coffee; makes simple desserts such as boiled and baked custards.
– Portion food as directed; using grain scale for this purpose, and is required to understand and utilize the table of standard weights and measures.
– Staff short order cafeteria line, cook individual items to order, stocks food on line, without help between-regular meal periods.
– Operate equipment in accordance with safety regulations such as mixers, grinders, steam kettles, electric urns, and other powered and mechanical kitchen equipment.
– Use all utensils required in the full range of cooking and makes minor adjustments to equipment as necessary.
– Maintain work area in an orderly and sanitary condition and prepare and store food in accordance with proper sanitation standards as stated in TB Med 530.
– Sweep and mop floors, wash shelves, tables, sinks, equipment, and work areas. Disassembles equipment for manual cleaning.
– Clean and sanitize equipment and work areas. Store equipment and supplies in specified storage areas. Reports malfunctioning equipment to supervisor.
– Performs other duties as assigned.

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