Part Time and On Call Food Service Workers, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Bethesda, MD


Food services employees will be responsible for daily nutrition services to patients and customers, as assigned. They will assist in processing, preparing and assembling various menu items, serve food cafeteria style, set up and breakdown service and eating areas. Employees may work in any assigned area of Production Services, including dish room duties.


Two years of food service industry experience in a commercial setting within past 5 years.


– Must be a US Citizen
– Ability to work safely.
– Ability to do simple arithmetic.
– Knowledge of measurements and weights and skilled in using scales.
– Knowledge of operating hand tools, electric vegetable machine, electric vegetable peeler, electric slicing machine, potato peeler, vertical cutter, mixer, steam kettle and various manual equipment. Must be familiar with safety precautions of all equipment.
– Required to wear specific protective dress or devices in the performance of duties.
– Ability to stand for prolonged periods of time, walk and lift up to 75 pounds with assistance.
– Ability to perform task in noisy areas where floors are frequently wet.
– Subject to getting wet while using pressure washing equipment.
– Subject to standing for long periods of time and to slipping or falling on wet floors.


– Set up cafeteria lines, steam tables, dining room tables, and side service stands with hot and cold food items.
– Serve food cafeteria style by placing uniform portions of food on customers’ plates.
– Set up dining room tables for service.
– Perform assistance to patients through the serving line by placing food items on their tray and carrying trays to patient’s tables.
– Set up and operate mechanical dishwasher.
– Scrape, soak, scour, and scrub heavier cooking utensils, pots, and pans.
– Perform heavy duty cleaning tasks throughout the food service and related areas such as cleaning ceilings, exhaust hoods, cleaning under and behind kitchen equipment, washing floors and walls, cleaning walk-in refrigerators and freezers.
– Move heavy garbage cans when collecting and transferring trash from work area to disposal area
– Breaks down and cleans assigned area when the meal is finished, and returns food to the main kitchen.
– Sets up dining room tables for service, places napkins, salt and pepper shakers, etc., and replenishes items as necessary.
– Brews coffee according to the number of servings required.
– Assembles and tosses fresh fruit or green salads in quantity, using prepared dressings and portion into standard serving sizes.
– Portions food items into standard serving sizes using proper utensils and containers.
– Makes cold sandwiches using prepared ingredients and pack box lunches.
– Sets up and operates a mechanical dishwasher, including the continuous conveyor belt feeding dishwasher.
– Removes inspection doors, strainer pans screens, and spray arms for prevention maintenance and cleaning. Scrapes, soaks, scours, and scrubs the heavier cooking utensils such as mixing bowls and pots.
– Performs other duties as assigned.

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