We are urgently seeking an experienced HVAC Technician to support our client, a Federal Government agency, based in Washington, DC. This is a two-year contract offering competitive pay and benefits.


• Knowledge on the purpose and function of the various HVAC systems components and auxiliary equipment such as: centrifugal compressors, AC condensers and evaporators, refrigeration heat exchangers, chilled and condenser water pumps, hydronic water pumps, air, water and refrigerant filters, fans, air compressors, circulating pumps, magnetic contactors and motor starters, circuit breakers, temperature and humidity controls, electric motors, humidifiers, cooling towers, heating and cooling coils, air washers and air flow dampers.

• Must possess a universal EPA approved CFC refrigerant certificate

• Knowledge of electrical theory regarding Ohms Law, electron flow, magnetic induction, electric motor operation, capacitance, reactance, direct and alternating current flow, parallel, series and parallel-series wiring, power phasing and other related electrical fundamentals.

• Knowledge and ability to determine electrical motor frame, amperage, operating temperature range, service factor, voltage for single and multiple voltage as well as single and three phase power.

• Ability to use and properly operate an Ohm, Amp, Watt, and Voltage meters; measuring instruments and testing equipment such as flowmeters, recording meters, micrometers, psychrometer, velometers, and electronic leak detectors.

• Knowledge and ability to perform preventative maintenance on electric heaters; contactors; magnetic starters, and electric motors 50 Hp and smaller.

• Must possess the ability to work alone to complete assigned preventive maintenance.